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The Benefits of Beard Care:

A healthy beard is quite noticeable and can be seen instantly. Research has shown that a properly maintained beard can protect against skin cancer and tan lines. It can also help a man's confidence level by enhancing his self-esteem and personality which combined is a power house. A beard is an essential part of your appearance, besides being the first thing people notice, it protects your face from airborne bacteria and allergies. Therefore, it should be maintained and cared for.

Nothing that good looking comes easy, therefore, we’ve put together some natural ways to help you care and keep your beard on point.


Beard acts as a protectant for the skin underneath against harmful UV rays, however, it does not offer complete shield from the sun. Thus, it is important to clean and care for your beard as this helps prevent harmful bacteria from developing and growing. Before now, individuals with facial hair did not have enough products and tools to help care for their beard. Today, there are several beard products, because of this, it is important for you to pick the right one. Every beard is different and unique that’s why you should use what works best for your beard type.

Avoid Chemicals:

With the face being one of the most delicate parts of the body, it’s the first part of the body anyone notices and is ofter cared for the most.

This is why you should avoid products with harsh chemicals for your beard care. For example, products with sulfates can cause skin irritation, breakage, dryness and even flaking. If possible, opt for natural alternatives; there are many options today to choose from.

Regular Wash:

Washing your beard regularly helps keep it clean, nourished and healthy. It is the easiest way to prevent bacteria and other fungi from invading your face. In addition, it can protect you from skin cancer as well as reduce the risk of developing any skin problems. So, it's essential to wash your beard for its health.

For anyone that keeps facial hair, it is recommended to develop a care regimen that can easily be followed to keep the beard looking healthy and stylish.

The right kind of fuel is essential for a healthy beard. It's important to wash your beard regularly, as mentioned earlier. Doing so will prevent it from drying out, tame frizz and control brittle poking beard. A good natural shampoo and conditioner will help moisturize the beard, remove dry dead skin and help unclog pores so that it can breathe. It's best to dry your beard with a clean towel to prevent bacteria. Your beard should be brushed with your hands or hair like soft brush or combs specifically for beard, remember be gentle.

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Grooming is important and should not be overlooked because it’s part of a healthy lifestyle and more importantly and helps prevent bacteria from growing and causing an infection. A well kept beard speaks volume, holds character and can say a lot about a person’s hygiene. Keeping your beard clean is important for its health, your looks and acts as a automatic confidence booster making you look smarter, sharp and well tailored.

Incorporating products that can help your beard stay healthy, conditioned and moisturized is also very important. In todays market, there are variety of options to chose from but choosing the right one can be exhausting. Let’s introduce you to JNJS Beard Treatment Oil.

JNJS Beard Treatment Oil:

JNJS beard treatment oil is designed specifically for beards overall health. We use the finest quality of ingredients to keep your beard moisturized and supple. We worked to help you manage and create a regiment that is easy to follow and maintain. Our treatment oil does not contain any harsh chemicals or fragrance oil nor does it create bubbles. JNJS Beard Treatment Oil works to help your beard breathe, by staying hydrated, soft, conditioned, moisturized and even soothe the skin beneath your beard. It also gives your beard a healthy shine, prevents dryness, itching, fights to remove bumps and skin irritation naturally. Our beard treatment oil the properties vitamins A, C & E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, biotin, essential nutrients and proteins.

JNJS Beard Treatment Oil smells great with a refreshing scent of light rose and spices. It provides an added benefit to any beard regiment. This is a treatment oil that is easily absorbed, does not leave a greasy feel and leaves your beard feeling smooth and healthier.

Looking for Beard oil?

You may have heard that beard oil can encourage growth and stop itchiness, but how does it work? There are several factors involved, and no one product will work for every man.

However, JNJS beard care will not only stimulate your beard's growth but it will also nourish your skin by helping the skin underneath the beard breathe again in order to support the existing hair.

It will improve the texture of your beard and give it a more polished look.

Our beard treatment oil is formulated with you in mind using all GMO free organic natural ingredients that will promote your beards growth and improve your beard overall health. Among the ingredient list, For example, peppermint and rosemary essential oils helps to increase blood circulation which in turn promotes new hair growth. So, if you're looking to grow your beard organically, try JNJS beard treatment oil.

How to Increase Your Beard Growth?

Having clean hair promotes new growth, but also other factors must be taken into a count when it comes to growth. For instance, overall health, diet, stress, sleep, environmental pollution, products build-up, the water we drink and even the hard water we use to wash etc. The right nutrition and diet will not only affect beard growth but it will improve your overall health making you look and feel better. A beard oil rich in essential oils, vitamins and minerals can help your beard grow. Poor nutrition will jeopardize your general health and beard care efforts.

It is important that you find and adopt a regimen that is easy to follow. Wash your beard with shampoo at least twice a week and make sure to condition. Use any beard oil, beard balm or beard moisturizer of your choice, detangle often and avoid touching your beard all the time, trim and groom when necessary.

Lastly, avoid harmful products and opt for more natural alternatives.

Remember that people experience hair growth differently, while some will experience slower growth others will experience faster growth. Unfortunately it’s just the way it is, nothing you did right or wrong.

Some Other Factors To Consider:

Your general health plays an important role in beard maintenance as well as genetics and your body's hormone levels which also affects facial hair growth and your testosterone levels. Thus, incorporating healthy lifestyle with the right vitamin intake may help regulate your beard's growth which will help you sweat less and stay more hydrated. “Don’t forget to seek a physicians advice before ingesting any medications vitamins or not”.

Vitamins and Minerals:

A good diet consists of foods rich and high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. In particular, proteins are important for beard growth. Foods like Salmon, chicken, eggs, omega-3 fatty acids which is found in fish, nuts etc. and yogurt are good sources of protein. So eating a balanced meal is essential for your beard’s health, beauty and stimulation of hair growth.

Proper Sleep:

Getting plenty of sleep is essential for your beard's health. According to many dermatologists, getting at least eight hours of sleep every night improves blood circulation which promotes beard growth. During sleep, your body's temperature is lower, which means that blood circulates more quickly, carrying nutrients to your hair roots. Research has also revealed that chronic stress can slow beard growth. This is why you should manage your stress and keep it as low as possible.

Beard Maintenance:

Any new routine requires a plan, similarly, when it comes to beard care a solid regimen is key. We recommend an easy to follow regimen. Having a healthy beard is very important, so adopting a road map to your journey will help you achieve length, fuller thicker beard, bump free skin, and increase your confidence to boost your personality”.

After you've started your growth journey for example, it is important to practice a good beard maintenance. Keeping your facial hair trimmed will help keep it looking stylish and attractive.

The key is to keep the edges from getting too long or too short. Nothing wrong if you chose to keep it long and stylish. It’s a personal choice. It can help prevent pimples and redness. Also, using the right grooming kit will make the process easier and adaptive.

Your general upkeep is another key factor in proper beard maintenance. Your beard can be kept healthy and full if you maintain a good diet and regimen. Consistency is the key to achieving any beard goal. Lastly, have fun and take care of your beard.


Beard care depends on your lifestyle and care regimen, so adopting a care system and making simple changes in your diet will help improve the look and the appearance of your beards overall health. For instance, wanting a healthy beard and growing longer beard varies because some people might not be able to grow facial hair even if they want due to genetics and other conditions while some will grow fuller, thicker and richer facial hair without any effort.

In general, a beard care routine should be implemented and we recommend an easy to adapt regimen. It is a great way to keep your beard healthy, protect it against excessive dryness and dandruff. Perhaps we can all agree that beard has become the it thing: " A Morden Day Romance” to which we salute and say; It’s your facial crown so wear it proudly.