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Just Nourishing Joyful Strands(JNJS)by ChedoJ

Introducing Just Nourishing Joyful Strands (JNJS), a proud subsidiary of ChedoJ founded by Jeromes Jonjerry. Our exquisite Treatment Oils were born from an unbridled passion and insatiable curiosity. I grappled with allergies from grass to rainwater and even common foods, fruits, and vegetables from an early age. The world seemed bleak, with my sensitivities casting a shadow over my childhood years. I intimately understand the pain and discomfort accompanying skin sensitivity and allergies; this empathy fuels our mission.


While my siblings reveled in scented lotions and creams, I found solace in oils, tree saps, and the sacred African Black Soap, known in my native tongue as "Ncha'awusa." I felt excluded, yearning for a unifying solution for all skin types. In earnest, I promised my mother that I would one day craft an all-encompassing body oil, an elixir that would comfort my skin and resonate with countless others.


For me, oil is more than a remedy—it's a lifeline. It is one of the oldest and most potent forms of moisturization, preserving the skin's natural elasticity. It possesses a profound medicinal quality, seamlessly absorbing into our skin, offering nourishment and revival. After all, our skin is our largest organ—why not nourish it with the very essence that restores it to its most glory?


As children, we are introduced to the restorative power of oil. Yet, as adults, we inexplicably shy away from the elixir that nurtures our little ones' skin and mends their discomfort.


What began as a personal elixir evolved into a genuine desire to share the transformative benefits of healthy skin. Colleagues and friends marveled at the radiance and vitality of my skin, an affirmation that encouraged me to share my creations. I extended my passion for healthy skin, gifting handmade oils to those who sought relief from the same afflictions I once endured.


In 2020, my journey took a new turn as I delved into oils and herbs, exploring their medicinal properties and weighing risks and benefits. This odyssey revealed a pressing need for products devoid of artificial additives, a revelation that ignited my resolve. In January 2021, I embarked on a soft market testing phase, a crucial step in refining and perfecting my formulations. By September 2021, JNJS by ChedoJ Treatment Oils emerged, marking the commencement of our limited in-person and online sales in October 2021.


At JNJS, we aim to reintroduce oil to your daily regimen, inviting you to enjoy nourishing your skin. I promise your hair, skin, and beard will echo this sentiment, breathing easier, staying hydrated, and basking in newfound vitality.


Allow us to embark on a transformative journey, one strand at a time. Dare to experience the profound difference that our oils can make. Engage with us, ask questions, and let us collectively broaden our understanding of the therapeutic power of oils. Let nature, bottled and unadulterated, lavish your skin, hair, and beard. Heal them one day at a time.


Our rallying cry, "Always One Strand at a Time," affirms our commitment to leaving no hair, beard, or skin patch behind. Join us, and grant us the privilege of astonishing you.

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