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Benefits of using JNJS

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

JNJS treatment oils are made with organic natural carrier oils, essential oils and other

ingredients. Filled with nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Our treatment oils

have herbs so powerful it nourishes both beard and hair strand by strand as healthy

hair starts from the scalp and hair roots to the ends.

Dandruff oil: penetrating deeper into hair roots to remove dandruff naturally without

drying out the scalp. This liquid sunshine will tame itchiness and reduce the amount of

flakes in just one use. Formulated with Aloe vera, zest of lemon, Karanja leaf and

lemongrass, it is designed to fight and remove dandruff naturally.

Dry hair oil: This happy smile back at me treatment oil works day in day out to help hair

stay fortified against the things that work to dry out the hair. Honey, known for its

moisturizing properties is one of the key ingredient that works to make sure hair traps

the amount of moisture it needs to stay hydrated. It is formulated with BTMS 50%,

palm kernel nut seed and other herb ingredients to lock-in moisture and help dry dull hair


Beard treatment oil: Works to free the skin underneath the beard. Remove bumps, even

out rough skin overtime, lock-in moisture to stay hydrated, fights frizz and may help

prevent hair loss. This luscious liquid will leave beard super soft, brittle free and adds


Nourish MI: The soul food and elixir for scalp, roots and strands has just one job to

nourish and maximize hair strength and growth. Made with chebe roots, methi powder,

shea nut and other ingredients.

Hydra-Moist Body oil:

Chemical free, fragrance free, hydrating and moisturizing oil that glides like melted

butter without the feel of oil, non irritating, easily absorbed, soothes itchy dry skin,

capable of healing very small wounds and cuts. Naturally scented for all skin types.

Allow your hair, beard and skin to dance to the tune of JNJS treatment oils and both will go

ahhhhh! we can breathe again. We are proud of our products and stand out for using all organic natural oils and herbs in their natural form.

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